‘Meet Cute’

They sat at the bar today, their usual booth was occupied by an older vampire and his personal. The werewolf was tired, his eyes underlined with purple bags and his jaw scruffy and unshaven. His companion was far cleaner, in an autumnal day dress with a scoop neck and a tan overcoat, both pressed and worn tastefully. She caught Bianca’s attention immediately, the vampire’s eyes slid right over the werewolf and to the woman with the straightened red hair.

“Rum and coke, and a Croatoan Lager,” she said, nodding at Bianca briefly and returning to her conversation.

Bianca dutifully turned away, but stayed close. The woman was concerned, her voice low. The werewolf fended off her questions irritably.

“You alright there, Fido?” Bianca asked, sliding their drinks toward them. She prided herself on knowing her regulars by face, if not by name.

“Fido?” the woman queried. Her waterfall hair shimmered as she shook her head, and her fringe bounced. Bianca caught herself staring again.

Fido tried in vain to silently stop Bianca, but before she caught onto his frantic charades, his companion had turned on him again.

“Do you come here without me?” She was smiling, and that seemed to reassure Fido, because he relaxed.

“Sometimes. And, hey, my name’s Graham.” He addressed this last part to Bianca, with a pointed look. The events of Dawn Park were not to be discussed. The woman introduced herself as Cassidy, his sister.

It was a slow night. Bianca spent most of it at their end of the bar, occasionally serving someone who had run low, but always returning. Cassidy told stories of her recent trip to Australia- quite an adventure if the protagonist was to be believed- and Bianca found herself drinking in every word.

“You saw a what in Queensland?”

“A Cassowary. They’re really rare, and incredibly terrifying. Giant black birds, bit like an emu, with a great red crest on their heads. Looks like a dinosaur and ferociously territorial. We came face to face with one on a bushwalk, my guide nearly shat himself,” she explained. She had a contagious smile, and Bianca couldn’t help but grin along. By the end of the shift, Cassidy unwittingly had the vampire wrapped around her little finger.


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